I am a dedicated software engineer with 7+ years of professional experience and a BSc in Computer and Information Science. I live in the beautiful country of Slovenia 🇸🇮.

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Work experience

Povio (current)

  • Software Engineer Jun ‘21 - now
    Design and development of advanced backend solutions for a variety of clients.
    • Java & Spring Boot/Quarkus, REST
    • TypeScript & Node.js, REST & GraphQL
    • AWS infrastructure


  • Software Engineer March ‘21 - May ‘21 (3 months)
    Development of an advanced laboratory system combining a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) into a cohesive whole. SLIMS - homepage


Software Engineer / Technical Project Manager April ‘17 - January ‘21 (3 years and 10 months)
My role at Result stretched across a variety of fields. Next to being an engineering team lead, I engaged in other activities that helped the organization to evolve. My most visible externally oriented activity was working with the marketing team on writing technical texts and increasing presence of the company on various platforms and via sales activities.

  • Controlling development of a publicly funded software project
    My role was to oversee a development project from a technical and an organizational perspective. I was responsible for preparing reviews and proposals that were used for delivering the project on-time with the level of required quality.

  • Software Integration Engineer
    Team member in software integration team, working towards integrating software and data within the company and with external partners. Developed a number of solutions used for synchronizing data between companies, which involved car fleet data, fuel cards information, car leasing users, customer care department, and others.

  • Migration of a reporting application
    Certain architectural decisions in the past lead to a number of applications written in Scout framework. As the applications have not been properly designed and maintained, the accumulated technical debt prevented improvements and fast feedback cycles.
    To fix this problem for the reporting application that utilizes TIBCO Jaspersoft library, I designed and implemented a RESTful API in Spring Boot framework, which consequently enabled implementation of client applications in any technology. This way we broke tight coupling of the server and client applications, and got rid of all the technical debt incurred by past decisions. I also cooperated with the front-end team for their successful integration of the new API.

  • Data Integration platform modernization
    With a goal to increase development speed and provide a better developer experience while delivering results faster, I took part in a project of updating an important part of the infrastructure responsible for bringing various data sources together. Prepared a robust and reliable infrastructure for carrying out Data Integration procedures. Cooperated with different departments within the company.
    Tools used in achieving the goal were Docker, Ansible, Serverspec and other basic DevOps tools.

  • Migration of a core business application
    Worked on a migration of a XUL/JS based core business application to a modern web app for a global customer. Responsibilities included adapting XUL-specific elements to standard HTML elements and adapting a custom legacy JavaScript framework.
    Played a major role in setting up and developing Quality Assurance aspect of the project, which included setting up a Java based framework for implementation of basic automated tests with Selenium framework, which were used by the QA team for preparing advanced tests.
    Used modern approaches such as CI/CD (Jenkins) for bringing development efficiency and product quality to a higher lever.


  • Android Developer June ‘16 - March ‘17 (10 months)
    Developed Android app for mobile devices, STBs and TVs.
    Introduced unit testing framework. Increased software quality by establishing a common code style and leveraging advanced features of modern software tools. Gained excellent communication skills by cooperating with partners around the globe.
    Promotional video on YouTube

  • Software Developer April ‘14 - May ‘16 (2 years and 2 months)
    I was mainly focused on development of front-end application for digital television. The application runs on JS/SVG engine which is implemented on Linux STBs from various vendors.
    Next to that I owned SDK which in turn I decoupled from the main back-end application. I was also responsible for maintenance of in-house developed SDK applications.
    Technologies I worked with included JavaScript, SVG, HTML, SVN, Git, Gulp, NodeJS, Java EE, Oracle Database.
    Tools I used included JetBrains WebStorm, Intellij IDEA, Atlassian Confluence and JIRA. Scrum was the development methodology.
    Promotional video on YouTube

Side projects

  • Hribi - Google Maps 2018
    Firefox addon intended for visitors of hribi.net, which is probably the most known Slovenian source for finding hiking routes. The addon adds a link that opens the starting point coordinates of the route in Google Maps. This makes your life easier if you used to manually transform and enter the coordinates into Google Maps like I have before this awesome addon existed!

  • Suhomontažni sistemi 2012 - now
    A simple website created with Bootstrap and jQuery for a small business.

  • Raumausstattung Hametner GmbH 2010 - 2017
    I set up an internal CentOS server which hosts an ownCloud instance for syncing documents between office computers. Helped with all sorts of technical problems that a small office encounters.

  • Faculty of Computer and Information Science 2014
    Promoting the faculty on fairs and high schools.

  • Other interesting projects
    I made some contributions to castnow, which is a command-line utility that can be used to play back media files on a Chromecast. Check it out if you own one.
    I have one commit in VLC. Not a lot, but hey, how many people you know have a commit in VLC?


Faculty of Economics 2015-2018

  • Passed all exams with master’s thesis remaining to be finished
  • @ University of Ljubljana
  • Study programme: Master’s degree in Business Informatics
  • Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana (the FELU) has become the first and only Triple Crown School in Slovenia and the broader region to have been awarded the EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA international accreditations. This achievement ranks the FELU among the top 1% of business and economic schools in the world.

Faculty of Computer and Information Science 2010 - 2014

  • @ University of Ljubljana
  • Study programme: Computer and information science
    Academic title: Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science (sl. Diplomirani inženir računalništva in informatike (UN))
    Level of education: SQF level 7 / EQF level 6
    Bachelor’s thesis: Developing cross-platform desktop applications with Qt framework
    Application created for the purposes of the thesis: YoutubeDL
    Cool fact: some guy forked the project and actually sold the fork on Ubuntu Software Center (free software ftw).