Large value of msftncsi DNS queries on Pi-hole and Asus router

If you use Pi-hole and have an Asus router in your network, you might have noticed unusually large volume of DNS queries of address It is possible to stop router from making these queries from the router’s web UI. Pi-hole & Asus router

My router model is RT-AC53, so settings labels mentioned below might vary on other models.

  1. First, open your router’s web UI (default is
  2. On the left-hand side, click on Administration
  3. Click tab System
  4. Search for Network Monitoring option in the list
  5. Select DNS Query checkbox, two input fields are going to get displayed:
    1. Resolved Target (on some models it’s Resolve Hostname)
    2. Respond IP (on some models it’s Resolved IP Addresses)
  6. Clear the values of both fields above
  7. Click button Apply
  8. Make sure DNS Query checkbox is not selected

After the change has been applied, you can observe in Pi-hole that there are no new queries for, on this link http://pi.hole/admin/queries.php?

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